The ISA Executive Council comprises up to 29 elected ISA Members and Honorary Members, meeting regularly to consider the issues that most affect independent education, as well as how we can improve the services that we provide for our Members and the wider educational community. All are elected to serve as Trustees of the charity.

Honorary Officers

ISA Chair Sep 2021-Aug 22  John Southworth  Principal, MPW, London
Vice Chair  Phil Soutar  Headmaster, Rosemead Prep
Vice Chair  Jeff Shaw  Scarisbrick Hall School


The full Executive Council as of 1 January 2022 is made up of the following Trustees, plus ISA secretariat:

John Southworth

Jeff Shaw

Phil Soutar

Matthew Burke

Helen Chalmers

Lawrence Collins

Natasha Dangerfield

Penny Ford

Sue Knox

Stephen McKernan

Claudette Salmon

James Wilding

Tracey Wilson

Jeremy Duke

Jonathan Hetherington

David Preston

Dominic Price

Dan Sayers

Dionne Seagrove

Pauline Wilson

Angela Culley

Barry Huggett

Sarah Lockyer

Richard Walden

John Wood

Rudi Eliott Lockhart

Karen Goddard

Peter Woodroffe

The committee meeting dates for 2021-22 are available on request.

Executive Council is made up of the following Trustees. All are elected positions.

  • 3 Honorary Officers
  • 7 Area Coordinators
  • 14 Elective Councillors
  • 5 Vice Presidents

Each year, ISA Members can put themselves forward for election to the Executive Council. The process and deadlines are circulated to all Members each year.

Click here for a summary of the nomination process.