Deakin Scholarship Fund

A fund to support pupils attending ISA Members' schools. The Deakin Trust considers applications for one-off grants towards additional costs of schooling. Full details of how to apply can be found on the application form.
Completed applications should be sent to [email protected]
Next deadline for the Deakin applications:

Deadline for applications: 3 October 2024

(Now closed for the summer term. Current applicants will be contacted late June with the outcomes.)

Applications must be on the latest version (2024-25) of the application form.



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Primary Criteria for eligibility to make an application to the fund:
  • The pupil must attend an ISA Member’s school.
  • The pupil must already be in receipt of substantial means-tested* bursary funding from the school and/or another fund (at least 50% of published full school fees).
  • The family must require additional support for the costs of additional items relating to the education of the pupil, on top of school fees (i.e. the item(s) for which funding is requested should not be covered by the existing means-tested bursary).
  • Each school may make a maximum of one application per Deakin meeting. If the application is for siblings, then one form should be completed for each child, but if submitted at the same time, these would be considered together and would count as one application.

*Fee remission schemes, such as staff discounts or sibling discounts, are not sufficient to qualify.

The Deakin Trust:
  • does not make grants towards core school fees (tuition and standard ancillaries).
  • does not make grants towards exam fees (such as GCSE and A Levels).
  • does not consider applications over £2000.
  • awarded grants in 2022-23 of an average size of £670.
  • considers applications for one-off grants towards specific additional costs, to support equality of provision of a rounded education for that pupil. This might include claims for school trips, extra-curricular activities, instrumental tuition, or similar.
  • does not award grants towards school meals.
  • only considers making a contribution towards school transport in exceptional circumstances.
  • applications must be for future funding (up to 12 months ahead). The Deakin Trust does not make grants towards costs that have already been incurred at the date of the meeting when the application is considered.




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How to apply 
  • Applications should be sent by email to [email protected]
  • The application must be supported by the ISA Member (usually the headteacher or principal of the school).
  • We advise you to take care and complete the form accurately with all detail requested, to increase your chances of success.
  • The application form must be completed and submitted by the ISA Member, in liaison with the family.
  • After page 1, pleas do not mention the name of the school or the pupil.
  • Proof of the existing means-tested bursary (ie a letter from the relevant funder) must be submitted with the completed form.
  • If you are a pupil or parent reading this page and interested in applying, you should contact your headteacher.
  • The application must be completed in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Applications are considered two or three times each year, dates are published on the ISA website.
  • To be considered, complete applications must be received by the deadline (usually two weeks before the meeting). Late applications cannot be accepted.
Terms and conditions

Please see the application form for detailed information about the grants.
The school undertakes to abide by the conditions on the application form.
If awards are granted, these are paid on receipt of the invoice from the school, with accompanying evidence. Grants are paid towards the end of the period ofthe grant, when the complete costs have been incurred and the activities have taken place.


Please note

The Deakin Trustees make the final decision on any individual award.
Funds are limited and it is not possible for all applications to be granted.



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Fund allocations:

Available for 2024/25 academic year. Contact us with any questions on [email protected].


List of current Deakin Trustees and ISA secretariat/admin:

Liz Brown

James Wilding

Sarah Lockyer

Kaye Lovejoy

Richard Walden

Helen Chalmers

John Wood

Rudi Eliott Lockhart

Karen Goddard