What we do

The Independent Schools Association (ISA) is a family of over 580 Headteachers who represent the diverse range of independent education practised across the UK and overseas.

We work with our Members to:

•    provide the highest quality information and advice, immediately responding to the needs of our Members in areas such as HR, legal, inspection, curriculum

•    promote support networks and fellowship regionally, nationally and internationally, including our seven thriving ISA Areas around the country

•    provide enrichment opportunities for pupils in Area and National Competitions for Sport, Drama and the Arts, at world-leading venues such as the London Olympic Park

•    arrange high-quality conferences and professional development courses to foster excellence in education

•    promote initiatives and provide access to a wide range of member services and resources

•    influence educational debate on behalf of our Members, promoting independence and choice

Please have a look at our Information Pack linked below for full information.

Information Pack