EYFS and Primary Competitions

  • Christmas Banner Competition
    Pupils are invited to submit festive designs for ISA's Christmas email banner. Open to EYFS-KS2.
  • Easter Egg Competition
    ISA invites EYFS-KS2 pupils to design and decorate a 3D egg for Easter.
  • Handwriting Competition
    Pupils in Years 1-6 have the opportunity to show off their penamanship skills in the ISA Handwriting Competition.
  • Butterfly Art Competition
    A chance for EYFS-KS2 pupils to learn all about butterflies by creating an artwork about these amazing insects.
  • Young Storytellers Competition
    An exciting competition offering EYFS and KS1 pupils the opportunity to create an adventurous story which could be published in a book.
  • Puppet Show Competition
    This new competition encourages EYFS and Primary pupils to practice their speaking and performance skills by putting on a puppet show.

Please note that some of our other arts competitions are also open to EYFS and Primary years. These can be found in the Arts drop down menu above.

Rules for all ISA Arts Competitions

If you have any queries about our competitions, please contact us at [email protected].

Only schools whose Head is a member of ISA are eligible to enter these competitions. Please contact our membership department if you wish to make an enquiry about joining ISA.