ISA Certificate in School Leadership

The ISA Certificate in School Leadership is designed for aspiring school leaders who are committed to continuous improvement. It's open to both ISA members and non-members, providing a valuable pathway to develop your leadership skills and knowledge. Earning this certificate demonstrates your dedication to professional growth and showcases your advancing leadership capabilities.  

The ISA Certificate in School Leadership isn't just a standalone credential. It also awards 10 credits towards the ISA Certificate in Advanced School Leadership, giving you a head start on this comprehensive program. 

Those who achieve the award will receive framed certification from the association. 

How it’s achieved

The certificate is bespoke and can be achieved by collecting credits in different ways. You must collect 20 credits in total to receive the award, through the activities below: 

  • Attendance at ISA Leadership Pathway [LP] courses (4 credits per course) 

  • Attendance at selected ISA conferences (4-6 credits per conference) 

  • Practical work outside of your normal role, such as relevant experience in governance or through partnership work, over two years in a state or private school (6 credits) 

Participants are given two years from their first activity to achieve the award, and should maintain a record of the total credits received through each activity. Once you have reached 20 credits please send your LP Course Certificates, along with evidence of any practical work you may have completed, to [email protected] in order to claim the ISA Certificate School Leadership.