ISA Arts EYFS & Primary

At the ISA, we recognise the importance of the arts through all the ages within our schools, and wanted to expand our offerings to those younger pupils of our ISA members. Welcome to our page dedicated to EYFS and Primary Schools’ Pupils.

Christmas Banner Competition 2021

Pupils are invited to design the official ISA email signature banner for Christmas 2021.

Opening dates for entries:  Monday 11 October 2021
Deadline to enter:  Tuesday 23 November 2021

ISA Christmas Banner Competition 2021 – Rules and Guidelines

ISA Christmas Banner Template

This event is not yet open for entries

Easter Egg Competition 2022
Opening dates for entries:  Tuesday 1 March 2022
Deadline to enter:  Tuesday 22 March 2022

ISA Easter Egg Competition 2022 Rules and Guidelines

This event is not yet open for entries

Handwriting Competition 2022

Handwriting is a skill which has traditionally been highly-valued at independent schools; we feel it should continue to be nurtured and celebrated, even in an electronic age in which keyboard skills are developed at a very young age.

Opening dates for entries:  Wednesday 16 March 2022
Deadline to enter:  Thursday 2 June 2022

ISA Handwriting Competition 2022 – Rules & Guidelines

Line Guide for Year 1

Line Guide for Year 2

Line Guide for Years 3 & 4

Line Guide for Years 5 & 6

This event is not yet open for entries

Don’t forget- some other competitions are also open to EYFS and Primary and can be found in the Arts drop down menu above.

If you have any queries about the competition, please contact us at

Only schools whose Head is a Member with ISA are eligible to enter these competitions.  Please contact our membership department to enquire about joining ISA.