Deakin Scholarship Fund

Full details of how to apply are on the application form – click here.

Please also note the following:

The application form must be completed by the PARENT and the SCHOOL. Missing information will result in a delay in the processing of the application.

Applications are considered twice annually by the Trustees of the Fund, normally in November and May. Dates are published below. Trustees will approve awards for the start of the next school academic term, or next academic year, as appropriate, but not backdated. It takes around six weeks for checks to be completed in order for applications to be considered at the next meeting.

Funds are limited in any one academic year. Please see below for an update on availability.

Once a parent or legal guardian completes the application, it is countersigned by the school. The school undertakes to abide by the conditions on the application form, including covering the small administration costs of the award.

Applications are sent directly to BAL (Bursary Administration Ltd, details on the application form) and not to the Trustees or to ISA. BAL will recommend awards based on financial analyses and home visits. Trustees will make the final decision on any individual awards.

Trustees can consider exceptional, urgent and serious applications remotely and outside of the published dates for meetings. In such cases, applications should be sent to Bursary Administration Ltd AND copied to the Chief Executive at ISA, marked urgent and stating the reason why.

Next meeting dates of the Deakin Scholarship Fund Trustees (provisional):

23 March 2021 – All applications for consideration at this meeting must be submitted by 9 February 2021, complete with all accompanying paperwork.

Fund allocations:

2020/21 academic year – available
2021/22 academic year – available

Contact the ISA CEO with any questions.