11 Nov 2022

Cross-Association response to ISRSA Report

ISA, IAPS, GSA, The Society of Heads, BSA, ISBA and AGBIS have issued a response to the June 2022 report published by the Independent Schools Religious Studies Association (ISRSA).

At the heart of all independent schools is the freedom to teach a curriculum that meets the needs of the particular pupils at each school. This means that there is diversity and innovation in the teaching of all subjects across independent schools. Religious Education is no different: it is a subject where the aims and purposes are contested and where different independent schools can, and do, approach it in very different ways. We note with interest the recent report from the Independent Schools Religious Studies Association (Religion and Worldviews (Weltanschauung)) as a contribution to the ongoing debate about the nature of Religious Education in England. It offers a particular view that will be held by some, but not by all. It should not be regarded as giving the definitive view on Religious Education for independent schools as a whole.

There is no affiliation between the ISRSA and any of our organisations.


Rudolf Eliott Lockhart, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Association

Christopher King, Chief Executive, Independent Association of Preparatory Schools

Donna Stevens, Chief Executive, Girls’ Schools Association

Clive Rickart, Chief Executive, The Society of Heads

Robin Fletcher, Chief Executive, Boarding Schools Association

David Woodgate, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Bursars Association

Richard Harman, Chief Executive, Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools

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