30 Jan 2024

ISA partners with eEnergy through Gold Supplier scheme

eEnergy have become an ISA Gold Supplier; you may have seen them already at our Autumn Study Conference in November.

They are tackling climate change and lowering schools’ energy costs through efficient usage. eEnergy is seeing a huge increase in demand for their integrated Net Zero offering – their pledge to substantially reduce your school’s overall carbon emissions by up to 60%. This is fulfilled through comprehensive services, from end-to-end energy efficiency solutions to energy management.

eEnergy have been in the industry for over 20 years, providing schools with net zero solutions such as onsite solar energy generation, energy-efficient LED lighting, intelligent energy monitoring and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

They’re moving schools and universities towards smarter, greener energy usage, cutting costs and carbon footprints, all while fostering environmentally-conscious minds.

There is also no need for upfront investment: eEnergy offer funding for projects, further enabling organisations to embark on their Net Zero journey.

Their popularity is growing: Over 1000 successful projects have helped schools reduce their energy and carbon consumption. Combined knowledge and technology enable them to make a significant impact in helping schools to combat climate change.