Monday 1st July 2019


Birchfield School, WV7 3AF


10.15am – 2.30pm (9.45am arrival)

Opening date for entries

Monday 25 February 2019

Deadline for entries

When spaces are filled (spaces currently available)


ISA Sport


Entry Fee


National Governing Body

Event Information


The event will be a skill challenge using GolPhin school and curriculum resources and games (putting, chipping, pitching and full swing areas). As teams progress around the challenges, they will gather points which will contribute to the overall team score. The team with the highest score on the day will be crowned the winners of the First Annual Golfing Challenge.


On arrival at the school, please report to main school reception – competition will be on the main cricket pitch, crochet lawn and close surrounding area.


Teams do not need to bring any equipment with them as all clubs and balls will be provided for the children to use.

Teacher and Staff Responsibilities

The challenges will all be staffed and therefore teachers just need to ensure that your team(s) are present at the right station at the right time and encourage the young people to progress from station to station in a timely manner. 10 minutes will be given for transition. Teachers will also be responsible for keeping score on the scorecards that will be provided.


All results will be gathered on the day and the winner will be announced after all competition is complete.


Parking is on the main school carpark which is at the front of the school gates.

Dress Code

Team members do not have to worry about golf clothing as normal sports kit will be perfectly OK for them to play in. As this is an outdoor activity and therefore subject to the changing weather please ensure that they bring sunscreen, sufficient drinks to stay hydrated and warm clothing and waterproofs if it turns cold or wet.

Previous Results

2017 South Staffs Golf Club