A Triathlon is a race that involves 3 separate sections which must be completed one after another. The people who participate in Triathlons are known as Triathletes and come from a large variety of fitness, age, and social backgrounds.

Whatever your age, experience or ability, these events are for everyone.  Over the past 15 years, the sport of Triathlon has grown hugely in popularity due to its social aspects and challenging nature, as well as a very strong ‘beginner friendly’ culture.

The 3 sections of the triathlon are:

  • Swim first
  • Bike second
  • Run last
Junior Triathlon
Date Friday 4 October 2019
Deadline for entries Friday 21 September 2019 (or when spaces are full)
Venue Woodlands School, Hutton Manor, Essex
Time 10-2pm
Organiser Mrs Barbara Fitch
School Woodlands School, Hutton Manor, Essex

National Governing Body

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ISA Junior Triathlon Entry 2018

Event Information 2018 (use as guideline for 2019)

Risk Assesment 2018 (use as guideline for 2019)

Woodlands Hutton Manor invites your school to take part In the ISA Triathlon to be held here on Friday, 5th  October 2018.

The format will be the same as last year with a 90m swim [6 lengths of the pool]; 800m bike ride [all bikes provided] and an 800m run.

Schools are invited to send 6 girls and 6 boys from any junior year group, though the nature of the event will favour the year 6 & 5 children.

If you would like your school to take part please return the slip below or email me with all the details required. Please make sure you select a START TIME. Final information will be sent out in September to all the schools that have entered.

I hope you can enter as we had a great sporting day last year!


Barbara Fitch

Head of P.E./Woodlands

Previous Results

National Triathlon
Date Thursday 2 May 2019
Venue Lucton School, Herefordshire
Time 10-4pm
Entries open Monday 25 February 2019
Entry Deadline
Wednesday 10 April 2019, or when places are full.
Organisers ISA’s Sports team

National Governing Body

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Maximum number of entries is 4 per gender, per race

This event is not yet open for entries


Event Information

Race Age (as at 31st December of current year) Swim (yards)/Max time Bike (km) Run (km)
Tristar Start 8 50/2 mins 1 0.6
Tristar 1 9-10 150/5 mins 2 1.2
Tristar 2 11-12 200/6 mins 3.6 1.8
Tristar 3 13-14 300/8 mins 6 2.4
Youth 15-16 400/10 mins 8.4 3.0

As well as an individual competition, there will also be a team competition. Each team is made up of four individuals and there will be prizes for overall boys and overall girls (top 4 competitors count towards team points).


Results and Photos

Over all School Winners 2018
Boys: Lucton School
Girls: Monmouth School Girls’ Prep

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