Sponsoring ISA Sports

ISA is one of the fastest growing Heads Associations in the UK – with 569 members and more set to join in the coming months, covering the complete age range of pupils, from nursery and junior, to senior and sixth-forms.

ISA is currently expanding the range of opportunities for pupils in Sports, including regional and national events. We currently have 148 regional and 42 national events.

Advertising and sponsorship packages are available in this area, which offers unrivaled opportunities to link your brand with ours in the sporting world.  Your company would benefit from advertising and brand awareness to our Members, providing education for over 100,000 pupils in England and Wales.  Sponsorship can be in the form of a financial donation to underwrite the costs associated with these events, or sponsorship in kind providing prizes for competition winners or goody bags for participants.

If you would like to sponsor an ISA Sports event or have any further queries please use the contact links below:

Example of Event Opportunities

Companies we work with: