This course is suitable for members of a school’s Senior Leadership or someone with designated responsibility for developing a critical incident policy, this professional development session will explore how any critical incident can be broken down into four key phases and how this pathway can then be managed. The aim of the course is to give participants an understanding of what really happens in a crisis and what the essential resources / activity is needed to manage this.

The session will cover the following:

Critical Incident Pathway & Taking Control
Overview of pathway, the role of a Critical Incident Management Team and the common mistakes made in the early stages (Golden Hour).

How to make an SLT function as a Crisis Team
The formation of a Critical Incident Management Team will be looked at and will consider how & why this differs from an SLT. The practicalities of getting coordinated activity underway will be explained and issues that prevent this will be identified.

An evolving scenario will be used to explore each of the four phases of a critical incident pathway, helping participants analyse what is needed in each phase and how well their current approach covers these.

Capturing key elements in a workable plan
How to capture key activity into a single, succinct and workable critical incident plan of less than 20 pages.

Robin  Hamilton

Robin Hamilton

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