Mental Health: Building Resilience in our Primary learners – Online via Zoom

Date(s) - 23/09/2021
9:00 am - 2:30 pm


Location: This course will be run online via Zoom. Full details of how to join will be sent in advance of the day.

Who should attend? 

This course is suitable for all school leaders, teachers and teaching assistants working with children from 3-11 years with a passion for improving children’s learning.

All children are capable of extraordinary things. The potential for happiness and greatness lies within them and we as educators can help them along the way. During this one day course you will have the opportunity to explore the importance of creating resilient learners in the primary years. It is during these formative years, where there is a window of opportunity for all involved in a child’s life to ensure every child has the resources and protections required to develop adaptive tools and relationships that they will need to engage with in the future, and be well prepared for all possibilities. It is by building resilience in these formative years we can help prepare our children for the unexpected difficulties they may face as they grow up and in later life, so impacting on their wellbeing and ability to achieve their goals.

By developing their resilience in these formative years, we are not only preparing our children for future academic achievement but for personal success in the future.

The course will focus on what we mean by resilient learners and how we can create meaningful opportunities in the school day for learners to build their capacity to become resilient and be well equipped for the future.

We will look at very practical hands on activities that can be used in class to build resilience and make meaning for the learners, so they can see their own personal growth.

At the end of the day together participants will:

  • know why building resilience is so important in the primary years, how we can encourage our children to become more self-sufficient and make informed choices
  • know ways to develop a growth mindset in our youngest learners allowing them to persevere when challenged by new learning
  • know how to cultivate a language of praise with parents and teachers that encourage our children to adopt a growth mindset
  • know about creating an emotional vocabulary that allows our youngest learners to express their thoughts and feelings
  • develop a toolkit that promotes independent thinking and questioning
  • recognise the importance of creating purposeful play in settings that allow learners to problem solve, make their own meaning and connections

Course tutor: Helen O’Donoghue

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