26 Aug 2022

DLD College follow A Level success with brilliant GCSE results

DLD College London are this year celebrating a remarkable set of GCSE results, with 94% of pupils earning grades 9-4, an increase of 26% from 2019, when examinations were last sat.

Over two-thirds of results (69%) were achieved at grades 9-6, with 49% coming at 9-7 and 78% earned at 9-5.

32% of Students at DLD College, a multi-award-winning independent school set across the Houses of Parliament, earned five or more grades at 9-6, with 22% achieving this at 9-7. 15% of the school’s pupils actually secured all of their grades at the 9-7 mark.

DLD College - GCSE Results 2022 (2).png

Irfan Latif, Principal of DLD College London, hailed the ‘perseverance’ that both students and staff have shown to deliver these exceptional results:

“We are very proud of our students for their outstanding achievements. These exceptional results, in addition to our A Level and BTEC success last week, are a testimony to the remarkable resilience, perseverance and determination showcased by our students, and our committed staff members who ensure each individual reaches their full potential.

“We would like to wish our students the very best of luck as they embark on the next stage of their academic journey and look forward to many of them continuing their studies with us here at DLD College London.”

These phenomenal results follow last week’s exceptional outcomes at A Level and BTEC Diploma, to read more about the impressive 40% of grades that were awarded A*-A, visit here. To learn about how pupils starred with Distinction in BTECs, read here.

DLD College London will be opening its doors to Year 9 students from September 2023, with a pioneering new curriculum central to the offering. To find out more, take a look at their website.

DLD College London immerses young people into an environment where they are able to grow as successful and independent learners; where their vision can be made a reality, where – as happy and healthy people they feel free to make a contribution to the world around them, both now and into the future. The school's beating heart is its award-winning Wellbeing Centre.