During this course participants will explore the many reasons schools undertake lesson observations and how best these can used to inform school improvement. We will explore how lesson observations can be used to assist improvement in student learning. We will learn what makes a good lesson observation and how this can be seen as a tool for teacher improvement and performance.

We will consider how lesson observations can be used to monitor and oversee learning and answer the following questions- is learning happening? Is the learning appropriate? Is the learning sufficient?

We will consider how to use lesson observations strategically to improve learning in your school, looking for trends that may lead to professional learning, insights for curriculum review and allowing for a greater consistency and parity across all classes in the school.

At the end of the course, you will leave with greater knowledge around lesson observations and understanding how they can be best used to inform your school improvement over time.

Helen O'Donoghue

Helen O'Donoghue

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