This is a repeat of the course previously titled 'Getting out of a financial hole - what are the options?'


Whatever size of school, whatever the circumstances, sometimes it can be really hard to dig yourself out of a financial hole. This practical and highly focused course looks at multiple ways in which you can generate more money and/or spend less. Delegates will get the chance to think through their options in detail and come away with an action plan that is feasible and effective. You will be given a grid on which to assess the viability, feasibility and effectiveness of each of the ideas and suggestions made by the course leader, and will have the opportunity to share stories and learn from each other in a strictly non-judgmental and confidential arena.

The aim of the course is for delegates to be able to return to school with the outline of an action plan.

What you will learn:

  • How can we, as a school, increase numbers on roll?
  • How can we generate more income?
  • How can we save money without sacrificing quality?

Andrew Hampton

Andrew Hampton

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A really excellent course which provided a much-needed strategy for making considerable savings and increasing pupil numbers


Delegate from previous course