ISA Events and Covid Safety - Book with Confidence

It has been a while since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in 2020. Over that period, we have all been experiencing Covid in different ways. ISA acknowledges that, in the UK, hospitalisations are now low. However, Covid has not gone away and continues to present a risk, particularly to some people who are living with vulnerabilities.

Please be respectful around the decisions of other people relating to Covid, including greetings, personal space, mask wearing, etc.

ISA employees will continue to do regular tests before events, to ensure the safety of pupils, school staff and ISA employees.

Please do not attend ISA events if you suspect that you might have Covid:

  • If you have Covid symptoms
  • If you have had a recent positive test result
  • If someone in your household has recently tested positive for Covid.

Rudi Eliott Lockhart


June 2024