31 Mar 2021

ISA statement on Everyone’s Invited movement

The testimonials shared on Everyone’s Invited are appalling and heartbreaking. ISA stands against all forms of abuse and our Members are committed to challenging toxic attitudes and behaviour.

Those working in ISA schools take these issues very seriously. We are listening to and thank the brave young people who have already come forward and reported their accounts, enabling schools to investigate and act. We would encourage anyone who has experienced such behaviour to come forward so that actions can be taken and so they can be supported.

The problems of toxic behaviour and abuse are not limited to schools and this is an issue that affects society as a whole, but schools have a particular role to play in educating young people about sex and relationships, consent, and other related issues. The wellbeing of pupils is the highest priority for ISA Heads and their schools, and they are focused on tackling and preventing all forms of sexual harassment and abuse.

Rudolf Eliott Lockhart, CEO, Independent Schools Association