03 May 2024

Leading Independent school partners with charity to end sexism in sport

Leighton Park School and Her Game Too are kicking off an exciting new partnership that is set to inspire the next generation of female footballers. In a first for the charity, Her Game Too has teamed up with this prestigious independent school to champion girls' involvement in sports, especially football. The collaboration is a perfect match, with both organisations united in their mission to create an inclusive, level playing field for young girls.

At Leighton Park, the focus is on nurturing talent and confidence, free from the barriers of sexism or ridicule that can sometimes hold girls back. The school has already been leading the charge, with a packed calendar of girls' football initiatives. Professional coaching clinics provided by Chelsea FC, a new summer league involving local schools, and an impressive unbeaten run for Leighton's teams across all year groups all contribute to this exciting time at Leighton Park. The enthusiasm is palpable, with a staggering 80% of younger students signed up to play. 

“It’s very fun and they do lots of different training activities, they make sure to get you in matches, give you lots of opportunities, and make you feel good about yourself.”, beams Lateen, a Year 8 pupil. "They help you keep trying and not give up." Her teammate Jane agreed, “The coaches are so nice and supportive. Even if you are not as good as others they treat you the same and help you to put in more effort. Being a player is good but it’s being a team that’s better”. 

For Callum Beasley, the school’s Head of Football, partnering with Her Game Too amplifies the pupils’ voice for change. “I am extremely proud to be a part of the growth of girls’ football here at Leighton Park. The enthusiasm and dedication of our players are the seeds of a growing future for the sport. We are so thankful that this partnership with Her Game Too allows us to contribute to the shaping of equal opportunities in football within our school and broader Reading community.” Game on!