20 Dec 2023

‘Week of Taste’ welcomed master Fishmonger Sonia Bichet to La Petite Ecole Francaise

A highlight of this term for La Petite Ecole Française took place during La Semaine du Goût – France’s ‘Week of Taste’, seeing a master of craft welcomed to the school.

La Petite Ecole Française is a co-educational day school in West London for 3 to 11 year olds. Bringing the French national education system to England, the school is a homely environment that allows children to flourish as individuals, both academically and creatively.

Sonia Bichet was hosted by the school. A fishmonger, Sonia is recognised as Meilleur Ouvrier de France, translating to ‘Best Craftsperson of France’ in her field. This is a highly competitive award, marking exceptional skill and mastery in various trades, from the culinary arts to craftsmanship.

The main course for Sonia’s session was sea bream. Pupils enjoyed a hands-on experience which included learning essential cooking skills such as preparing and cutting the fish. They also tried sea bream in a different way too, fresh with fruits and herbs.

The experience was made complete when they had the chance to apply their newfound knowledge to prepare a dish themselves.

Beyond the practical skills and understanding the students took away from Sonia, they also gained valuable insights into fishmongery and what it takes to excel in the field.

La Petite Ecole Française’s aim was to serve the pupils more than a plate, as this project sharpened practical skills but also introduced them to the diverse and exquisite world of French cuisine. The activity fostered a passion for the culinary arts and promoted a deeper connection to the cultural significance of food.