Basketball is one of the few sports whose exact origin is definitely known. In the winter of 1891–1892, Dr. James Naismith, an instructor in the YMCA Training College (now Springfield College) at Springfield, Mass., deliberately invented the game of basketball in order to provide indoor exercise and competition for the students between the closing of the football season and the opening of the baseball season. He affixed peach baskets overhead on the walls at opposite ends of the gymnasium and organized teams to play his new game in which the purpose was to toss an association (football) ball into one basket and prevent the opponents from tossing the ball into the other basket.

Date Friday 27 March 2019
Venue Queen Ethelburga’s College, York
Time 12-6pm
Opening date for entries Monday 8 October 2018
Deadline to enter Friday 15 March 2019
Gender Boys Only
Organiser Chris McCully
National Governing Body

This event is now closed for entries

Event Information

Further information and an order of play will be distributed with the tournament programme after the closing date.

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