This will be a step-by-step journey through each Part of the ISSRs, beginning with the Parts with which schools have most difficulty, indicating where help can be found, tips for improvements, and the content required to meet compliance with the regulatory requirements; there will be opportunity to ask questions.

Aims of the course:
  • To be aware of the DfE requirements for regulating and inspecting schools, and thus the requirements of compliance inspections
  • To be able to prepare the documentation required to demonstrate compliance with regulations
  • To develop an awareness of how EYFS requirements and NMS interweave with the ISSRs
What you will learn:
  • The importance of the regulations on pupils’ well-being
  • The availability of guidance and documents to help in improving compliance
  • How to use those to support the school’s preparation for inspection

Programme Outline

The day will cover all the regulatory requirements (alongside the NMS and EYFS requirements): suitability of staff and their recruitment; health and safety of pupils; curriculum, teaching and SMSC development; premises and accommodation, provision of information and handling of complaints; and quality of leadership in and management of school
Elizabeth Coley

Elizabeth Coley

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