Becoming a middle leader for the very first time can be a daunting first step of leadership, as your role and responsibilities takes a broader scope from your class role and class responsibility.

During this one day course you will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge, develop skills and deepen your understanding of what it means to be a middle leader.

We will explore your understanding “self” through the personal qualities needed to be a middle leader and to build resilience and humility. We will learn about Goleman’s Leadership Styles , what style to use when to be most effective  and why.

We will focus on ways to lead and manage others - creating a sense of team, developing trusted relationships with colleagues.  In developing trusted relationship with colleagues to maximize impact on student learning you will learn how to hold “difficult” accountable conversations. You will learn more about collective accountability and deepen your understanding in overseeing and monitoring learning in your area of responsibility.  

As a result of attending this course you will leave feeling more confident of your role as a middle leader and more able to lead and manage with greater clarity  in your area or sphere of responsibility.

Helen O'Donoghue

Helen O'Donoghue

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